c.dubdesign offers web support from the design and creation of your website to its maintenance and updates. Cato is versed in HTML and CSS, as well as other site creation services (like Wix). As a webmaster, Cato keeps clients' websites fresh and up-to-date.

c.dubdesign can be found in the margins of print and web media all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Available to design logos, graphics, fliers (for print and web), and other promotional materials. Cato can also provide photography services for events or products. Try tracking the hashtag #cdubdesign!

Cato also offers consulting in all the above. He is available for websites, printed work, and art direction. For references, see his PORTFOLIO, CV, or request project-specific references on the CONTACT page.


In addition to working with clients to materialize their ideal aesthetic, c.dubdesign assists in offering successful marketing strategies to help clients spread their brands far and wide. Utilization of Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies keep websites in the top search results.

    web design, graphic design, promotional materials, logos, web and direct marketing, consulting, and support by cato wheeler. #cdubdesign

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