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cato, portrait by emi grate

portrait of cato by Emi Grate

  cato wheeler (he/him) is a queer, transgender web and graphic designer. raised in Miami and currently residing in Philadelphia, cato has been creating digital content for over 20 years. 

  starting with Pokemon fan pages and MySpace layouts, cato learned HTML and CSS in the early 2000s, independently studying and honing his skills as those languages were emerging and evolving.

  c.dubdesign was born in 2012, after some years doing freelance writing and editing, out of cato's passion for visual art and knowledge of website design. 

  notable projects and collaborations include The Transgender District in San Francisco, the KnowOurPlace campaign, Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative, SOL Collective, OUTfest Philadelphia, William Way, and galaei.

  cato is invested in uplifting trans and queer voices, projects, and passions, and primarily focuses his work within those communities. cato has worked with performance artists, activists, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists to create imagery, branding, content, and presence on the internet and in the real world.

  c.dubdesign offers web support from the design and creation of the website to its maintenance and updates.  In addition to working with clients to materialize their ideal aesthetic, c.dubdesign assists in offering successful marketing strategies to help clients spread their brands far and wide. Utilization of Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies keep websites in the top search results. c.dubdesign is available for consulting in all of the above.

  I am currently unavailable for any projects until September 2023. For visuals and credentials, see the PORTFOLIO and CV, or request project-specific references on the CONTACT page.

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