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Hello! My name is cato.

I'm an independent web and graphic designer, writer, editor, and consultant, with experience in web marketing and artistic direction.

I've spent years helping family and friends establish themselves online, giving them the tools to drive their businesses and express their myriad creativities. I began designing websites twenty years ago; my first was a personal Pokemon fanpage that I built from scratch, teaching myself to code as I went. My interest in HTML received a great deal of support from my parents, and after taking a summer web design course as a rising high school freshman, I spread my abilities to CSS. I built web pages for my friends' bands throughout, using it as practice for my own work.

After over a decade, I realized I could reach a broader audience. Now, I'm excited to put all those years of work together to offer my experience to you!

I'm a very quick and thorough learner, so anything I don't have experience using already, I can tackle.

As a writer and editor, I'm incredibly detail-oriented and thorough, taking time to address even minutiae. Web design and editing are closely related in that way. I take my time and I don't settle for first, second, or third drafts.

I have worked with artists, brands, companies, venues, and nonprofits across the United States. My style is eclectic and I can take on anything from corporate wine tastings to underground warehouse parties.

If you're looking for someone to be just as invested in your success as you are, I'm the person for you.


So let's talk. I'm excited to hear your ideas.

c.dubdesign offers web support from the design and creation of your website to its maintenance and updates. I am versed in HTML and CSS, as well as other site creation services (like Wix). As a webmaster, I keep clients' websites fresh and up-to-date.  In addition to working with clients to materialize their ideal aesthetic, c.dubdesign assists in offering successful marketing strategies to help clients spread their brands far and wide. Utilization of Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies keep websites in the top search results. I also offer consulting in all of the above. I am currently available for websites, printed work, and art direction. For visuals and credentials, see my PORTFOLIO and CV, or request project-specific references on the CONTACT page.